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To many, the thought of living in a retirement community is quite a tedious endeavor. The myth that disputes many retiree minds is that they view it as a palliative home for individuals who are close to dying. Well, as much as the thought is enticing to the mind, it is contrary to the real function of a retirement community. It is crucial to note that this home is meant for individuals who can take care of themselves, and although assistance from home care agencies is allowed, it is usually restricted depending on age and other factors. For individuals who wish to register with a retirement community Scottsdale, they are required to at least meet the following criteria.

  •  All individuals must be retired either partially or fully
  • Their age must be restricted; this helps create a sense of commonality

The history of retirement care dates back to the 1950s; it was in Arizona that it all began. Lately, retirement homes are gradually increasing around other cities. In the past decade, the number of individuals seeking retirement homes has doubled; this has led to the subsequent increase in the number of homes. Below we will delve into details about manor village retirement community and why you should consider it.

Manor village retirement community is situated in Scottsdale AZ. It was inspired by Garth Mann’s search of a retirement home for his mother, and to no avail, he decided to open his. As the saying goes, the wearer of the shoe is the one who knows where it itches. With that Garth Mann modeled this home to a caring community. It sits on a 65-acre plot which allows residents to take walks and hikes all in a bid to create a bond between themselves.