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While mogul skiing has been around for a very long time, there is no specific history on the subject. Moguls first began being created on ski slopes in the 1970’s and were put there to help make the trails more realistic. The creators of artificial moguls did so because they wanted the ski trails to be more like they would be if the trails were untouched and skiers were on them. They also create more of a challenge for skiers and show them how they need to keep their balance while they are going down the hills.

Mogul Skiing

Moguls have been around for many years. When people first began to ski, they would have to go over naturally-made moguls. In the past, these were caused by snow drifting. Since the inception of blowing machines and their subsequent use at ski areas, the moguls have been made from these machines. The machines are programmed to blow in certain areas and to create more of a buildup in areas. This allows the moguls to form and the snow to pile up constantly where the moguls are. The machines can also create other patterns in the snow, which can make skiing either more difficult or easier to do. Skiers are always looking for new challenges and moguls are one of the best ways they can do this. Mogul skiing is included into Winter Olympic Games nowadays. Besides, there are special championships for mogul skiers. One of the most memorable mogul skiing events took place in France in 2006. Watch some great moments of it in this Jason Begg Smith video.

Moguls have not always been a thing on ski areas, they are intended for professional skiers and should only be done by people who are in the expert level of skiing. They are difficult and can cause the skier to fall if they are not careful. Skiers who do not have the right equipment or the right amount of experience should never attempt moguls.

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Nearly all ski areas that have expert trails have moguls of some sort. They are usually only featured on the expert trails and they are intended for use by skiers who are experts at what they do. Skiers will sometimes have to accomplish other obstacles before they can go over the moguls. They may also be located in the different areas including trick parks where skiers can do different obstacles, including the moguls. It is important that skiers not attempt to do this unless they are experienced. Ski areas have set up different types of trails for people who have different skill levels. The moguls at ski areas are included with the expert level trails because they are harder to do and can be more dangerous for skiers who are not experienced.